Our Services

Helping those in senior management roles develop impact ambassadorial communication styles


Nicolette focuses on providing bespoke coaching services in three unique key ways…

One-to-One Leadership Impact Coaching:

Develop your own authentic, ambassadorial presentation

Identifying your individual skills and strengths, a bespoke communication impact programme is created for you to achieve your goals

Leadership Impact Presentation Workshops:

Designed to develop the emerging talent in your organisation

Bespoke group workshops designed for your organisation to nurture and develop your emerging leaders

Public Speaking, PR and Engagements:

Dynamic, motivational presentations at public and private events

Consultancy Director, Nicolette Wolf is available for public speaking engagement and editorial development

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Our Approach

The approach focuses on four key areas:


Building a sound understanding of the needs of the organisation, the individual and/or team


Further developing your self-awareness and individuality


Sharpening your expert skills in practical presentation and communication delivery


Helping to develop your interpersonal communication skills

The Benefits

The benefits we deliver for you and your organisation


Marcus-Wolf’s bespoke leadership presentation coaching teaches you to play to your strengths, ensuring your message is delivered every time – at any time – with confidence, presence, strength and authenticity.


By identifying and playing to your strengths you can make a greater impact in your communication, be it to one or one thousand. Allowing you to be your authentic self, whilst effectively delivering a clear message to meet your audience's needs.


With gravitas and impact comes authority – allowing you the be the best brand ambassador for yourself, your team and your organisation whilst ensuring your personality shines through.


More effective communication leads to success. With Marcus-Wolf you will become a more effective leader through fine-tuning your presentation skills, impact, gravitas and authority to impact the demands of each moment.

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UBS Investment Bank

Peter Healey - Global Head of Macro and Continual Risk Assessment

“Nicolette is a coaching professional who leverages her professional training in acting to hone communication skills in executives. Her coaching approach is unique in the Industry and she has had an impressive client list, with many positive accolades. Nicolette truly understands how to make an impact and how to develop dormant or hidden skills in others to achieve real impact with increased self-confidence.”

Clients we have worked with...