Senior Team of a Major Publishing Organisation

Individual Coaching Case Study

The Managing Director and Financial Director of a commercial corporation wanted to move their already expanding business forward through presentations to Venture Capitalists and Banks. They demonstrably improved their ambassadorial presentation style and presence, and succeeded their aim.


Nicolette was asked to transform the presentation and interpersonal skills of these two Senior Managers to ensure clarity in their message, generate enthusiasm and win financial support from this specifically targeted audience.


Nicolette identified a unique effective presentation and communication style – capitalising on the individual strengths of the Directors whilst making sure they complemented each other when delivering the message to the VCs and Banks.


  • Nicolette ensured that the Senior Directors’ communication deliveries at these presentations were in complete synergy with the ideas that the whole organisation was communicating externally and internally.
  • The Managing Director and Financial Directors’ personal presentation and communication styles are aiding the corporation’s advancement in a competitive and profitable direction.
  • Nicolette continues to support and give guidance as the corporation moves forward into its next phase of development.
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